In the north of England and some Midlands counties, hob was the most common name for rough, hairy creatures of the brownie type, whose work brought prosperity to farms; like brownies, they might become mischievous nuisances if annoyed, and would leave for ever if given new clothes. On the other hand, it might prove impossible to get rid of a troublesome hob (Henderson, 1866: 228; Atkinson, 1891: 54-5). There were also outdoor hobs, notably one living in a cave called the Hobhole in Runswick Bay, supposed able to cure whooping cough (Wright, 1913: 202).
   There is no special significance to the name; it is a common medieval shortening of 'Robert' or 'Robin', often implying 'country bumpkin, stupid peasant'. The first record of it being used of a supernatural being is from 1460; the compounds hobgoblin and
   hobthrush appear in the following century.
   ■ For discussion of this and related words, see Briggs, 1976: 222-3; and Gillian Edwards, Hobgoblin and Sweet Puck (1974), 123-42.

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